Mom’s and Tots

MOMS & TOTS SESSION (9 Months – 3yrs) August 19th – August 31st , 2019

During the program the parents learn about their ability to activate the child, develop skills that are essential for coping with the special needs child, examine possible solutions to problems. The main aim of the group is to include tasks which the peers of the children are expected to do in everyday life. These tasks are age appropriate ones and form the basis of the tasks in the group.


  • To prepare parents for coping with practical problems arising during their child’s education.
  • Establish conductive education as a life style.
  • Design programs that are individualized to the particular child.

Parents are kept fully informed of and involved in their child’s special needs and progress and are encouraged to take the opportunity to work with their own child during the session and to practice how to help and facilitate them.


Read What some of our parents had to say:

I recently attended a 7 day Conductive Therapy Camp run by Tunde with my little boy of 13 months old. Tunde has an amazing energy about her and is a natural in working with children. We learned many movements and exercises which were disguised as fun activities to help with his mobility issues due to low tone. The structure and format of the camp made it simple to integrate what we had learned into everyday life back at home. Nate has improved leaps and bounds since the camp. As a family we have confidence that with a lot of hard work he will reach his potential and learn to walk. Our goal for the future is for the five of us to go on a family canoe portage trip with only the canoe and gear being carried! Help from dedicated individuals like Tunde is crucial to parents of multiple special needs children. The diagnosis usually comes when the child is very young and is devastating to families. Doctors tend to be very negative about what the future holds for children like our Nathan. It’s important to connect with other people going through similar circumstances and to realise that special needs kids bring out the best in everyone around them. I found the camp to be therapy for me as well as for Nathan. Tunde has so much advice to give and a wonderful positive attitude about the progress Nathan will make. We’re working hard on CE at home and really looking forward to the next camp in the summer. . .

Kind regards,

Lara Baxter


Strive for Children-Mason Anderson

Mason is one of triplets born at 29 weeks gestation. He suffered a grade 4 brain hemorrhage five days after being born. At 9 months old he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, and later epilepsy. Strive for Children has helped Mason learn to sit, stand, crawl and most recently walk with a walker. He has accomplished a tremendous amount in the time he has worked with his conductor Tunde. She is an amazing person with a caring heart and Mason would not be the person he is without the therapy Strive has provided.

Thank you Strive! From Mason and his family.