Intensive Day Camp

INTENSIVE DAY CAMP(All ages)August 19 -August 31th 2019

Strive is hosting our ninth annual intensive therapy day camp that is being held in Picton. This 10 day camp provides our students who have varying levels of Cerebral Palsy with:

  • 5 hrs./day of intensive Conductive Education therapy led by world class highly trained specialists;
  • A group setting in a supportive, environment of their peers;
  • An aim to improve overall function including independence with movement, toileting, feeding, socialization, communication skills, self-awareness and confidence;
  • A focus on co-ordination and isolation of movements, improving range of motion, strength, balance, weight bearing, walking and fine motor skills;
  • An opportunity for parental respite;
  • An opportunity for socialization and peer support for campers and their families.


Admission Criteria: This camp is designed for children and youth, whose level of disability is quite involved, and is not independently walking, and will provide the intensive level of individualized support necessary for each student. The decision as to whether a child meets these criteria is made after careful assessment by our Head Conductor in person or by video. Each child will be considered individually.



  • May require physical assistance with walking and/or other tasks such as feeding, toileting, etc..;
  • May be daily wheelchair users;
  • Must be free of major behavioral issues and be able to get along with others in a group setting;
  • Must not require constant medical care.
  • Are between the ages of 6 and 18


Periodic Intensive Day Camp

  • Each group is designed for a particular age range and ability and will be scheduled periodically throughout the year when demand is sufficient
  • Receive 6 hours/day of Conductive Education


Read What some of our parents had to say:

It was our pleasure to attend a Strive summer session with Tunde. The facility provided a bright, cheerful and positive environment for our son. Tunde created a friendly atmosphere and relaxed nature that made it comfortable for both the students and the families. Families attended at lunchtime and it was clearly observed that Tunde had developed a relationship with each child and that they enjoyed the time even while they were working on their skills. Tunde is gifted in working with this type of client and we hope to attend more Strive events in the future.
We walked away from Strive summer camp…

My husband, my son, myself, and most impressively my 9 year old, Jeremiah, who has cerebral palsy. We all walked away. Up to this point Jeremiah has never walked without the help of another person. That changed this summer as Jeremiah successfully learned to walk with his walker and no one else.

Until Jeremiah was about six, I was encouraged by PTs and the like, that kids can learn how to walk up to age 6. As encouraging as that might seem, 6 came and went, as did 7, 8 and nearly 9. Still Jeremiah could not walk. Reality was sinking in that maybe he wouldn’t, until 12 days ago when Jeremiah walked into our suite, with Tunde following several steps behind. Jeremiah beamed, I teared. The rest of camp was practice, practice and more practice. But Jeremiah is very proud of his new skill, we are proud of Jeremiah, and are grateful for Tunde and Strive for their commitment to kids of all ages. Literally walking away from camp was the highlight of our summer!


Dr. James and Mrs. Kellie Zapf


My name is James Young and I have a son Andrew who is 11 years old. Andrew was born on February 8, 2000, at 29 weeks. He is also a triplet. His brother’s name is Carson and his sister’s name is Baylee. Andrew was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 1 year of age. Andrew has received many treatments and therapies starting at age 3. Not one of the treatments was doing enough to help Andrew become mobile.
Strive Learning Center is the only place that has caused Andrew to become a much more mobile person. We are still communicating with other places that have provided services to Andrew over the years and all are amazed at the progress achieved at Strive Learning Center. Ms. Tunde at Strive has a secret that almost no one else will try…. HARD WORK! I am very impressed with Ms. Tunde and her ability to get Andrew and other children in her class to forget their limitations and achieve more than a parent dares to hope.

If this testimonial can bring funding and other resources to Strive and Ms. Tunde, I know that it would be the best place to invest your treasure.


James K Young
Victoria, Texas USA


Dear Tunde,

I am very happy that We have been able to come to Canada to have you work with our son Andrew.

Our son gained in areas of strength, trunk control (which has led to better speech). And of course at 12 years of age you took those pull ups away from him and he is now completely toilet trained. I never thought I would be able to say that. We have incorporated some of what you have taught us into our daily lives since we have been home and Andrew is still feeding himself and sitting crossed legged (which he couldn’t do because of hip surgery until we started using your school). He is still working on his back exercises and working on sitting unassisted. Thank you for all you have done for my son Andrew and for the things that you have taught to me so I can continue to work on his goals until we return..

We are very blessed to have found a conductive education program like Strive. I love that Andrew felt a connection to you and his confidence has never been higher.

Thank you for everything,

Stacey Voorhees


This is my third year having my daughter, Erin, participate in Conductive Education course. The first year it was so hard for her because she had never experienced such intense physical activities. But by the end of it she was so proud of herself realizing what she was able to accomplish.

Originally Erin was not able to sit on a stool, walk in a walker or even crawl the correct way. But by the end of the first session with Tunde Erin was crawling by herself and walking in her walker with assistance. At the end of this years session she sits on a stool without fear of falling ( which I really thought she would never over come) and walking in her walker without assistance. Now it hasn’t been easy but the end results are so rewarding for my child’s future. This course is so important for the children not just for the physical training but also the camaraderie among the children. They literally cheer each other on. You should see how they light up with pride when they know they have achieved the next step. I will be returning in 5 weeks to do yet another 20 days of conductive education with Tunde. We will continue to return to Strive Learning Centre until my child is capable of doing things for herself. This has been the most effective form of help I have ever found for her.

Thank you, Tunde.

Jan Kristan Henke
Virginia Beach